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What the North Node and South Node Imply in Astrology

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In keeping with evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest, “Astronomers search to know the type of the heavens, astrologers pursue its that means.” Our natal chart, which is the snapshot of the cosmos at our first breath, comprises inside it insights that assist us perceive our important nature, together with our deepest fears, driving forces, inside psyche, innate preferences, and core values. It additionally speaks to our religious nature, encompassing our objective, future, and soul progress. Essentially the most insightful foreteller of future in our charts are the lunar nodes, generally often called the north node and the south node.

Illustration of the orbits of the Sun and Moon and the places where they intersect, known as the North Node and the South Node, or the lunar nodes
(Photograph: Getty Pictures)

What Are the Lunar Nodes?

Like future itself, the lunar nodes should not tangible objects. The north node and south node are mathematical points in space. Because the Earth orbits the Solar, the Moon orbits the Earth. The place the Moon’s path intercepts the ecliptic, or the obvious path of the Solar, are the lunar nodes.

Collectively, the lunar nodes create one axis with the 2 nodes as endpoints—the north node on one finish and the south node on the opposite. The north node and south node all the time sit in opposing zodiac indicators but work collectively. The north node represents the course we’re heading, beckoning us into a selected focus of consciousness, progress, and evolution. On the other aspect of the zodiacal circle, and due to this fact within the reverse signal, is the south node, representing the place we’re coming from, performing as the muse, the roots, and the start level of our journey.

What Can the Lunar Nodes Inform Us?

Astrology has all the time possessed a sacred and mystical essence, talking by way of instinct and frequency as a lot as symbolism and arithmetic. To know the language of astrology means to attach with what lies inside ourselves as a lot as what exists past ourselves.

The lunar nodes takes us deep into the esoteric, exploring life path, intention behind evolution, highest potential, soul presents, religious progress, objective, and future. We every have a person objective, proven by the situation of the lunar nodes at our beginning, and concurrently, a shared future, proven by the situation of the lunar nodes at the moment.

Whether or not seen from an esoteric perspective as a guiding drive inviting us into future and objective, or the inevitable motion, change, and progress of life over time, the lunar nodes are all the time calling us in a sure course, inviting us to discover a brand new relationship with ourselves and with life, and prompting us to enterprise past what is thought.

Though exploring, embodying, and expressing the whole lot of our beginning chart—and, in reality, the whole lot of who we’re—could possibly be seen as our final objective in life, the nodes supply particular indicators that talk to our distinctive objective and that means in life. In many faculties of astrology, the consensus is that as we embody extra of our natal chart, the larger happiness, connection, and achievement we are going to discover.

To search out your lunar nodes in your natal chart, search for two horseshoe-like symbols. The upright horseshoe is your north node and, reverse to that in your round chart, would be the upside-down horseshoe, or your south node.

An illustration of an astrology glyph of an upside-down horse shoe depicting the south node
The astrological glyph, or image, for the north node (Illustration: Ramziya Abdrakhmanova | Getty)

What Is My North Node?

The north node in our natal chart represents the distinctive course that every of us are being referred to as to discover and, in the end, grow to be. It might presently be unknown to us, however ready in that eventual house is achievement like nothing else we’ve skilled.

Each time we encounter something unknown, we are inclined to stumble as we study it. We make errors, we come up towards edges, and we meet many challenges alongside the way in which. But these very errors, edges, and challenges are the place we discover profound progress. The mundane moments of our human actuality remind us that the religious realm might be accessed solely by sinking into our humanness. It’s not solely our arrival at a spot that defines our future and our objective, however our journey there and who we grow to be within the course of.

An illustration of an astrology glyph of an upside-down horse shoe depicting the south node
(Illustration: Lidiia Moor)

What Is My South Node?

The south node represents consolation, what is thought, protected, and safe inside us. It’s our instincts, habits, and what appears straightforward, pure, and sometimes computerized to embody and be. It’s our retreat.

From a extra esoteric standpoint, the south node might be seen as our soul presents or our previous. We someway know this place, we all know the drugs right here and the worth it presents. The south node is the place we come from in pursuit of the north node and the place we’re going. We aren’t abandoning the south node in us to pursue the north node. Moderately, we’re permitting it to buoy us within the course of our future. If the branches of the tree have been the north node, the roots are the south node. And for one to thrive, the opposite should, too.

How the Lunar Nodes Are Influenced the Zodiac

In astrology, every signal of the zodiac circle additionally exists on an axis in partnership with the signal opposing it. Seemingly reverse to at least one different, but every the antidote to the opposite, they’re completely different sides of the identical coin. The identical complementary relationship is true of the lunar nodes.

Our lunar nodes in opposing indicators, our distinctive axis, speaks to our particular person objective in addition to our collective lessoning. The zodiac signal the place our north node is positioned represents the signal the place it resided in the meanwhile of our beginning and the archetype that we’re being referred to as to embody and embrace on this lifetime. The zodiac signal of our south node speaks to what we already know and the place we’re coming from.

The lunar nodes spend roughly 18 months in every signal, and take 18 years to cycle by way of the entire zodiac circle. In July 2023, the lunar nodes moved into the Aries-Libra axis, starting an 18-month chapter and cultivating a brand new relationship to independence, motion, braveness, need, and selfhood. The present axis additionally dictates the indicators through which the eclipses happen for that time frame, bringing fated alternatives and destiny-fueled invites.

Except you could have different planets in the identical zodiac signal that your north node sits in, it’s possible you’ll discover that specific signal to be comparatively overseas or unknown to you. Start studying extra about its invites, intentions, values and general essence? What are a few of the traits of this signal that you simply admire and need to own? These traits reside inside you, too, and are calling out to be embodied and expressed by way of you.

Look to the signal of the south node and provides because of its traits and the sturdy basis upon which your progress resides.

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